About National Auto Sales



The owner Leandro Martinez started the dealership and body shop in 2008. Has specialize in light damage late model vehicles. He has been providing outstanding quality vehicles. All of the vehicles are repair by trained professionals and every vehicle is always inspected by Leandro before it is listed for sales.. He likes to make sure that all vehicles are roadworthy. Before it is listed for sale by our sales team. Our internet team prides themselves on showing any imperfections that the vehicle may have and all vehicles have over 30 photos available online and photos of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. We also provide a test drive video of  all the vehicles we have listed for sale. In the videos we go over the whole vehicle from the condition of the paint, interior, tires, trunk, and under the hood and we even take the vehicle for a test drive down the road to give the buyer a idea the quality of the vehicle we have listed for sale. National Auto Sale LLC may have only been in business since 2008. But all of our staff adds up to over 45 years in the automobile industry.  We work hard every day to provide  our customers with a quality vehicle for the best value.